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Chapter 14: The Civil Rights Era

Student Web Activity

"School Integration"

In this chapter you learned about the struggles during the Civil Rights era. Many people, including women and African Americans, fought for their equality. One aspect of equality that they sought was the integration of schools, which would allow African Americans to go to school with white students.

Destination Title: School Integration: Introduction

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Click on the "Little Rock, Arkansas" link, read the introduction and answer the following questions

What was President Eisenhower’s response to the dispatching of the Arkansas National Guard by the Governor?
What did the success of the students show to America?

Click the "Background" link, read the article and answer the following questions.

What caused Little Rock to accept that they had to integrate their schools?
What was the reaction towards the students who integrated?
Why do you think African Americans might be opposed to the integration, like the woman who confronted Melba Patillo?
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