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Chapter 2: The Civil War

Student Web Activity

"African Americans in the War"

In this chapter you learned about the long struggle of brother against brother in the Civil War. African Americans were barred from fighting in the Civil War at first, but then became effective soldiers for the Union army. Union African Americans were eager to join the fight, not only to secure their freedoms, but to ensure the freedoms of those still enslaved in the South.

Destination Title: Black Soldiers in the Civil War

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Read the information about African American soldiers in the Civil War and then answer the following questions.

How many African American soldiers served in the U.S. army by the end of the Civil War?
What happened in June of 1864 to encourage equality for African American soldiers?
How were African Americans treated differently as prisoners of the Confederacy?
How many African Americans were awarded the Medal of Honor by the end of the war?
Which regiment lost two-thirds of their officers at the battle of Fort Wagner?
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