Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 18: Common Communicable Diseases

Student Web Activities - Lesson 1 - Good Health Manners

Good Health Manners


You can help prevent the spread of germs that cause colds and the flu by learning some simple good health manners. On the Web site below, you will learn about droplet spread, and some simple techniques for stopping it cold.

Link to explore : CDC – Germ Stopper:



  • Start at the CDC Germ Stopper Web site.
  • Read the page on germs and how they are spread. Be sure to click on the "Posters" link near the bottom and take a look at the various examples on the site.
  • Take notes as you read.
  • When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, create your own stop the germs poster using the facts you got from the Web page and ideas you got from looking at the sample posters.

What is the main way that illnesses like colds and flu are spread from person to person?
What are the two main ways that germs are passed from person to person through droplet spread?
How long can some viruses and bacteria live on surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs, and desks?
What are the three main ways to stop droplet spread?
In addition to practicing good hygiene, what else can teens do to stay healthy during the flu season?
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