Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 23: History and Cultures of South Asia

Student Web Activity

"Indus Valley Civilization"

Thousands of years ago, the Indus Valley civilization developed in Pakistan and parts of India. During this time, the Indus Valley people developed cities that were organized, and well constructed. They used new technology to make their lives better. This civilization was strong until various elements contributed to its decline. Learn more about the Indus River valley and its civilization at the National Geographic Web site.

Destination Title: History: Indus Valley Civilization

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Start reading the article about the Indus Valley civilization. Answer the following questions about life in the Indus River valley.

What farming technology allowed for the rapid growth of the Indus civilization?
Where in the Indus Valley were the two major cities of the Indus Valley civilization located?
Describe the design of a city built by the Indus Valley civilization. What are some similarities to modern cities?
How did trade routes connect the region of the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia?
What effects did flooding have on the cities of the Indus Valley?
Click on the link “Pakistan country profile.” According to the article, where is the majority of Pakistan’s current population located?
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