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Chapter 26: World War II

Student Web Activity

"World War II"

In this chapter you have learned about challenges Americans faced in the twentieth century, including World War II, the most destructive war in history. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans rallied to the nation's defense and hundreds of young men rushed to enlist in the armed services. As the war continued the government used books, movies, music, and art to encourage citizens to continue giving their best to the war effort. In this activity you will take a closer look at propaganda posters used during World War II to convince Americans to support the war effort.

Destination Title: Powers of Persuasion

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Start at the home page of Powers of Persuasion.

  • Read the introduction.
  • Click on each of the poster titles under Part 1.
  • Study each poster and read the descriptions that go with them.

After you have read the narratives and studied the posters, answer the following questions.

How were posters used in a type of battle during World War II?
"Man the Guns!" What was the main theme of these posters?
"It's a Woman's War Too!" What was the purpose of these posters?
How were the "United We Win" posters a challenge to American culture?
Create a poster of your own to encourage Americans during World War II or a current crisis. Be able to explain the theme of your poster.
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