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Chapter 21: Progressive Reforms

Student Web Activity

"Progressive Movement"

In this chapter you have read about the reform movement that swept across the country during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Honest and efficient government, voting rights for women, conservation, and fair business practices were only a few of the issues that progressive reformers pushed forward. One of the founders of the Progressive movement was Robert La Follette of Wisconsin. In this activity you will learn more about La Follette and his willingness to fight for change.

Destination Title: The Career of Robert M. La Follette

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Start at The Career of Robert M. La Follette home page.

  • Read the complete summary of La Follette's career.

After you have read the article answer the questions below.

What political offices did La Follette hold during his life?
What were some of the reforms La Follette worked for during his life?
How did La Follette try to make elections more democratic?
Why was La Follette opposed to U.S. entry into World War I?
Choose one area that Progressives wanted to reform. Draw a political cartoon about this issue.
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