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Chapter 8: A New Nation

Student Web Activity

"First Political Parties"

In this chapter you read about the early years of the United States. Although President George Washington warned of the dangers of political parties in his Farewell Address, many Americans had already chosen sides. In this activity you will review the histories of the first two American political parties—the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.

Destination Title: Treasures of Congress

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Start at the Treasures of Congress Web site.

  • Click on The Formation of Political Parties: Early Animosities in the menu.
  • Click on Read More.

Use the information from the Web site to answer the following questions.

Who were the Federalists identified with in the early 1790s?
Name four influential Federalists.
Summarize the major belief of the Democratic-Republican Party.
Name four influential Democratic-Republicans.
Read Jefferson's comment to Edward Rutledge. Summarize his statement in your own words.
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