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Chapter 6: The American Revolution

The American Revolution

A Loyalist was an American colonist who was loyal to __________.
A)his or her own state
B)Great Britain
C)the Patriot cause
D)his or her own family

One disadvantage for Britain was __________.
A)a lack of military experience
B)the size of its population
C)its worldwide empire
D)the distance it had to ship soldiers and supplies

Who said “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”?
A)Nathan Hale
B)John Paul Jones
C)Patrick Henry
D)George Washington

Why did the British want to win control of the Hudson River?
A)to control New York City
B)to control a vital shipping route
C)to separate New England from the Middle States
D)to capture the Patriots’ Native American allies

Which American general defeated British general Burgoyne at Saratoga?
A)George Washington
B)Benedict Arnold
C)Barry St. Leger
D)Horatio Gates

Which two European nations provided the most support for the American cause?
A)France and Spain
B)France and Germany
C)Spain and Poland
D)Germany and Poland

Because of his habit of disappearing into the swamps to get away from the British, __________ earned the nickname the Swamp Fox.
A)Ethan Allen
B)George Rogers Clark
C)Francis Marion
D)Henry Harrison

How did the British prevent supplies and reinforcements from reaching the Americans?
A)They forced the reinforcements to join the British navy.
B)They bombarded the port cities, making it impossible for ships to dock.
C)They bribed port authorities to confiscate the supplies.
D)They blockaded the American harbors.

British general Cornwallis surrendered at __________.

The peace treaty that ended the war was the __________.
A)Treaty of Versailles
B)Treaty of New York
C)Treaty of London
D)Treaty of Paris
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