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Unit 1: Planning Personal Finances

WebQuest Internet Projects

One Life to Plan

Task 1: Get an overview of financial planners. (page 2)

Start your WebQuest project by reading some articles for background information on financial planning. Then explore one of the best sources of career information through the online Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Chapter 1

Task 2: Explore the job description and outlook for financial planners. (page 25)

List the tasks of the profession and write a paragraph about the skills and personality traits and the training needed to do this job. Also describe the future outlook for financial planners.

Chapter 2

Task 3: Research the concept of life planning. (page 52)

Describe what might be important considerations when planning for life. Explain why thinking in terms of the “big picture” might benefit you and anyone, even if you revise your life plan as you grow older.

Chapter 3

Task 4: Plan for college and your future financial life. (page 71)

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a financial planner or something else, you can benefit from planning your finances for college and your adult life. Explore the financial tools that can help you budget and save for whatever you choose. Make a chart of different ways to save and/or invest for college or another goal.

Chapter 4

Task 5: Take a personal inventory test. (page 96)

Discover your career personality by taking several aptitude/personality tests. Based on the information you have read and researched in the previous exercises, write two paragraphs about your ideal job, based on your personality. Are you suited for a job in finance? If not, describe the job that does interest you. Explain why having good personal finance skills are important in any career.

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