The World and Its People

Chapter 27: Oceania and Antarctica

Student Web Activity


In this chapter, you read about Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth. Each year about 4,000 scientists are engaged in studying the continent of Antarctica. Its remote location and frigid temperatures can make life there dangerous.

Destination Title: Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window.
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Start at the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica's Virtual Tour site.

  • Click on McMurdo.
  • Browse through the text and pictures on each page. To enlarge a photograph, click on it. To return to the full page of text, click the "back" button.
  • Explore the information about McMurdo, then click on South Pole at the bottom of the screen.
  • Read about the South Pole, then click on More Cold Facts at the bottom of the page.

After you have read through the information, answer the following questions.

To what country do many people go to prepare for their journey to Antarctica?
Why did Robert Falcon Scott establish a base at Hut Point, now McMurdo Station?
Who was the first to reach the South Pole?
The precipitation levels at the South Pole are similar to what other location on Earth?
Imagine that you have taken an expedition to the South Pole. Use the information on this site to create a journal of your trip. Include at least five journal entries. You should describe the transportation, landscape, weather, and other interesting observations.
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