The World and Its People

Chapter 17: North Africa Today

Chapter Overviews

The most important feature of North Africa is the Sahara. Egypt lies in Africa's northeast corner. The Nile River, which supplies 85 percent of the country's water, is Egypt's lifeline. Most of the people live along the river or in its delta. About 29 percent of Egypt's people are farmers. Egypt's developing economy has grown in recent years. Petroleum products and tourism are important industries. Ancient Egyptians developed a complex civilization and built some of the world's best known structures—the pyramids. Today's Egyptians are part of the Arab culture region that stretches across North Africa and into Southwest Asia.

The other countries of North Africa are Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The landscape of these countries is mostly desert and mountains. Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco form a region known as the Maghreb. Oil, natural gas, and phosphates are important resources in these countries.

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