History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 2: The Upheaval in Western Christendom, 1300-1560

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

[Image Mongols]

V. Disasters of the Fourteenth Century

  1. The Black Death and Its Consequences
  1. Troubles of the Medieval Church
  1. The Conciliar Movement

VI. The Renaissance in Italy

  1. The Italian Cities and the New Conception of Life
  1. Humanism: The Birth of "Literature"
  1. Schooling, Manners and Family Life
  1. Politics and the Italian Renaissance

VII. The Renaissance outside Italy

  1. Religious Scholarship and Science
  1. Mysticism and Lay Religion
  1. Erasmus of Rotterdam

VIII. The New Monarchies

  1. The New Monarchy in England, France, and Spain
  1. The Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg Supremacy

IX. The Protestant Reformation

  1. Luther and Lutheranism
  1. Calvin and Calvinism
  1. The Reformation in England
  1. The Consolidation of Protestantism by 1560

X. Catholicism Reformed and Reorganized

  1. The Council of Trent
  1. The Counter Crusade
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