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Chapter 10: Growth and Expansion

Student Web Activity

"The Industrial Revolution"

In this chapter you learned about the Industrial Revolution. This era was filled with industrial, technological, agricultural, and economic growth. Many historians believe that Samuel Slater and his mill was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in America, but through this activity you will discover that there were many other contributions to its success.

Destination Title: A Biography of America : The Rise of Capitalism – Key Events

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Start on this page and find the section of the time line called "Slater Mill built". Click the "T" link on the right hand side of that section, read the transcript, and answer the following questions.

How did the secrets of textile manufacturing come to America?
What type of workers did Slater use in his mill? Why?
What did Slater do to try to encourage farmers to work in his mill?
In what ways did the Erie Canal help the shipping industry?
Which city began to prosper as a result of the Erie Canal?
In what ways do you think canal transportation affected the growth of the Industrial Revolution?
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