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Glencoe Visual Showcase: Culinary ''How-To'' Presentations

The Culinary Essentials Visual Showcases are highly visual PowerPoint presentations that allow students to get an up-close look at culinary techniques, such as braising food and preparing a chiffon cake.

Wash Your Hands (4510.0K)

Change a Tablecloth (6992.0K)

Grip a Knife (2397.0K)

Safely Cut Food (689.0K)

Make a Chiffonade Cut (1486.0K)

Make a Rondelle Cut (1148.0K)

Make a Diagonal Cut (1008.0K)

Dice Food (1919.0K)

Mince Food (1873.0K)

Sharpen and True Knives (3169.0K)

Dredge and Bread Food (2736.0K)

Braise Food (4781.0K)

Make a Sachet (2581.0K)

Scramble Eggs (3102.0K)

Make a French Omelet (3486.0K)

Build a Salad (2844.0K)

Make a Vinaigrette Dressing (1724.0K)

Prepare Quantities of Sandwiches (4260.0K)

Prepare White Stock (5004.0K)

Prepare a Glaze (2593.0K)

Make a Roux (2087.0K)

Peel and Devein Shrimp (3453.0K)

Steam Fish en Papillote (5229.0K)

Cut Up Poultry (9840.0K)

Truss Whole Birds (3277.0K)

Carve Roasted Turkey (6513.0K)

Broil or Grill Poultry (2306.0K)

Saute Poultry (3347.0K)

Braise Poultry (1864.0K)

Boil Pasta (4172.0K)

Stuff Pasta (5295.0K)

Make Risotto (2421.0K)

Grill Fruit (1955.0K)

Whisk Mixtures (2230.0K)

Use the Modified Straight-Dough Method (1993.0K)

Use the Sponge Method (1891.0K)

Knead Yeast Dough (3014.0K)

Create a Braided Loaf (2122.0K)

Use the Biscuit Method (7443.0K)

Cut and Form Biscuits (3168.0K)

Blend Muffins (2899.0K)

Prepare a Bread Loaf (4549.0K)

Mix Creamed Cookie Dough (2869.0K)

Make Biscotti (2478.0K)

Make Rolled Cookies (3342.0K)

Prepare an Angel Food Cake (1372.0K)

Use the Blending Method for Cakes (2828.0K)

Prepare a Sponge Cake (4040.0K)

Prepare a Chiffon Cake (2572.0K)

Make Baked Custard (4014.0K)

Make Creme Anglais (3159.0K)

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