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Chapter 2: Roots of American Democracy

Student Web Activity

"The Articles of Confederacy"

In this chapter you read about the growth of individual rights and democracy from the Magna Carta through the Articles of Confederation. Throughout history men and women have recorded their ideas on government in essays, treatises, and laws. Although the Articles government lasted only a short time, it was an important first step as thirteen states became one nation.

Destination Title: The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School

Start at the Yale Law School’s Avalon Project Web site.

  • Click on 18th Century Documents.
  • Scroll down and click on Articles of Confederation; March 1, 1781.

After you have read through the Articles answer the following questions.

Article III Why did the states enter this “league of friendship”?
Article IV Who would not enjoy the “privileges and immunities of free citizens”?
Article V When would Congress meet? How many votes would each state have?
Article XI It was hoped that what country would become part of the United States?
Pretend that you were a reporter covering the Second Continental Congress. Write a one-page newspaper article announcing the approval of the Articles of Confederation.
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