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Chapter 22: The Region Today: Africa South of the Sahara

Student Web Activities

"Economic Development"

In this chapter you learned about the region of Africa South of the Sahara. This region faces some of world’s most difficult challenges. Most of the nations are still developing and lack significant infrastructure and political stability to thrive economically. Further, nations face harsh geographic and climate conditions, local conflicts, and the threat of disease, especially AIDS.

Students will study the challenges faced by this regions, and examine what it will take to help this region develop economic strength in today’s world.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as well as record the websites you visit and answer the following questions:

What are some reasons why the economies south of the Sahara may have struggled over the years?
What affect has AIDS and its rampant spread caused on the economy of the region?
Examine the literacy rate of a number of countries from the region. How might literacy rate and economic development be related?
What is the Economic Commission for Africa? What world body formed this organization?
In your opinion, what are the keys to the region have economic success? What advantages does the region have that might help it?

Interpreting Graphs
Choose a country from the region of Africa South of the Sahara. Compose a number of charts, graphs, or tables of economic information such as Gross National Product, unemployment rate, literacy rate, etc... Next, research the same statistics for the United States or a major European country. Present you findings to the rest of the class.

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