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Chapter 10: The Region Today: Latin America

Student Web Activities

"Economic Development in Brazil"

In this chapter you have learned about the economic status of Latin American countries today, from their heavy dependence on agriculture to growth in industrial, communication, and transportation sectors. Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest country in the world. After decades of military dictatorships, democracy returned to Brazil in 1989. However, this democracy is threatened by social conditions that include rampant poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth.

Through this activity you will investigate the economic growth and development of Brazil.

Research credible websites and complete the questions and activity that follows:

Where to begin

Take notes as well as record the websites you visit and answer the following questions:

Find the latest economic growth rate for Brazil. How does this compare to the United States in the same year?
Define GDP (gross domestic product). How does Brazil’s GDP compare with other countries in South America, such as Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador?
Define vital basket. Find the most updated cost of a vital basket in Brazil. What has been the recent trend for the cost of basic products?
What are some of the largest corporations in Brazil? Why would foreign companies want to invest in the economy of Brazil?
In your opinion, what have been the major factors that has helped Brazil’s economy to expand over the years? What problems does the Brazilian economy still face?

After examining information about Brazil’s economy, make predictions about its possible growth over the next ten years. Pretend you are making a presentation to company thinking about opening a business in Brazil, what would be the possible strengths and weaknesses you would present them?

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