Introduction To Physical Science

Unit 3: Chemistry

Composition of breakfast cereal


What's your favorite type of breakfast cereal, hot or cold? The first breakfast cereal created to be eaten cold was invented in New York in 1863. Prior to that time, many Americans were eating breakfasts containing very little fiber, and often had health problems as a result.


Use the internet to learn more about the composition of breakfast cereals. Find out what types of nutrients your body needs each day. Create a bar graph that shows how much of the daily requirement for nutrients can be obtained from one serving of breakfast cereal. Include information about ingredients that are in excess. Select one type of cold cereal to recommend as a good source of nutrients.


Research breakfast cereals and be able to answer the following questions:

•  What are some of the grains used to make breakfast cereals?

•  How do the grains differ?

•  What ingredients are added to grain to make cereal?

•  Where do some of those ingredients come from?

Learn about the USRDA for important nutrients. Be sure to distinguish between recommendations for adults and children.

Decide which nutrients you'll include in your graph. Create the graph using specific data on one type of cereal.

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