MathMatters 2

Chapter Themes

Chapter Theme Links are web addresses that enhance the chapter theme and relate math to the real world. These links feature career choices, data updates for projects, mathematical games and puzzles, and information on how things work.

Chapter 1 - Market Research
About Market Research
The Need for Market Research

Chapter 2 - Population
Bureau of Labor Statistics
CIA World Factbook
U.S Census Bureau's Gateway to Census 2000

Chapter 3 - Physics
Classical Mechanics
Optical Physics

Chapter 4 - Games
Board Games, Card Games & Puzzles from Mind Sports Worldwide
Game Files - Board Games
Mathematical Puzzles

Chapter 5 - Navigation
PBS's GPS: The New Navigation
PBS's Navigation by Sextant

Chapter 6 - Business
Starting a Business
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. SBA Small Business Startup Kit

Chapter 7 - Architecture
Bob Villa's 3D Designer
Great Buildings Collection
House Plans Search

Chapter 8 - Sports
Major League Baseball Stats 101
NCAA Football Rules
Sports (American Statistical Association's Statistics in Sports)

Chapter 9 - Geography's Geography
CIA World Factbook
InfoPlease's United States Geography

Chapter 10 - History
How to Build a Pyramid
The Mathematics of Cartography

Chapter 11 - Photography
Coastal Aerial Photography
Math in Your Career: Photographer

Chapter 12 - Music
Mathematics and Music
Music Theory Web

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