Glencoe World Geography

Chapter 29: The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia


The island nation of Indonesia in Southeast Asia comprises several islands that are popular tourist destinations. In this activity, you will learn about these islands and the many interesting physical features that help make Indonesia an exciting destination for travelers.

Destination Title: Destination Indonesia

Start at the Destination Indonesia Web site.
  • Click on Background Info from the menu on the left. Click on and read about People & Society and Culture & History.
  • Click on See from the menu on the left. Explore the various attractions.
  • Click on Events from the menu on the left and read the overview.
  • Take notes as you explore these topics.

Who took control of Indonesia after the Portuguese?
What are Keli Mutu’s most fantastic attractions? Describe.
What is the religious make up of Indonesia? How has religion caused problems for the area?
What can you see on Sumba each year in February and March?
The island nation of Indonesia provides many interesting locations for travelers. Select one or more destinations in Indonesia and imagine that you are visiting there. Write two full-page journal entries about your visit. Be descriptive and detailed in your writings. Include information about the islands' physical features, climate, and vegetation.
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