U. S. Government: Democracy In Action

Chapter 9: Presidential Leadership

Student Web Activity

"Roles of the President"

In this chapter you have learned about the powers of the presidency, the major roles of the president, and the leadership qualities that make a successful president. As the leader of our country, the president has many important responsibilities and roles to uphold. In this activity you will take a closer look at some of these duties.

Destination Title: Roles of the President

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Start at World Book's Roles of the President Web page.

  • Scroll down the page, taking notes as you go.

After you have read through the information, answer the following questions.

Describe the scope of the president's appointive powers.
Briefly describe some of the powers and responsibilities of the president.
What are the foreign policy functions of the president?
Which of the functions of the president do you think is most important? Why?
Imagine that you are campaigning to be elected president of the United States. Write a campaign speech in which you outline your plans for the future. Keeping in mind the functions and responsibilities of the president, define to your fellow Americans the leadership qualities you possess that would make you a successful president and how you would uphold the duties of the office during your tenure.
US Government: Democracy In Action
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