Physics: Principles and Problems

Chapter Tests

Chapter 1: A Physics Toolkit
Chapter 2 Representing Motion
Chapter 3 Accelerated Motion
Chapter 4 Forces in One Dimension
Chapter 5 Forces in Two Dimensions
Chapter 6 Motion in Two Dimensions
Chapter 7 Gravitation
Chapter 8 Rotational Motion
Chapter 9 Momentum and Its Conservation
Chapter 10 Energy, Work, and Simple Machines
Chapter 11 Energy and Its Conservation
Chapter 12 Thermal Energy
Chapter 13 States of Matter
Chapter 14 Vibrations and Waves
Chapter 15 Sound
Chapter 16 Fundamentals of Light
Chapter 17 Reflection and Mirrors
Chapter 18 Refraction and Lenses
Chapter 19 Interference and Diffraction
Chapter 20 Static Electricity
Chapter 21 Electric Fields
Chapter 22 Current Electricity
Chapter 23 Series and Parallel Circuits
Chapter 24 Magnetic Fields
Chapter 25 Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 26 Electromagnetism
Chapter 27 Quantum Theory
Chapter 28 The Atom
Chapter 29 Solid-State Electronics
Chapter 30 Nuclear Physics

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