Hole's Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 12th Edition (Shier)

Chapter 2: Chemical Basis of Life

Learning Outcomes

2.1 Introduction
1: Give examples of how the study of living material requires an understanding of chemistry.

2.2 Structure of Matter
2: Describe the relationships among matter, atoms, and molecules.
3: Describe how atomic structure determines how atoms interact.
4: Explain how molecular and structural formulas symbolize the composition of compounds.
5: Describe three types of chemical reactions.
6: Define acids, bases, and buffers.
7: Define pH and be able to use the pH scale.

2.3 Chemical Constituents of Cells
8: List the major inorganic chemicals in cells and identify the functions of each.
9: Describe the general functions of the four main classes of organic chemicals in cells.

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