History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 18: The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

LXXXXI. Backgrounds

  1. Russia after 1881: Reaction and Progress
  1. The Emergence of Revolutionary Parties
  1. Split in the Social Democrats: Bolsheviks and Mensheviks

LXXXXII. The Revolution of 1905

  1. Background and Revolutionary Events
  1. The Results of 1905: The Duma
  1. The Stolypin Reforms

LXXXXIII. The Revolution of 1917

  1. End of the Tsardom: The Revolution of March 1917
  1. The Bolshevik Revolution: November 1917
  1. The New Regime: The Civil War, 1918-1922

LXXXXIV. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  1. Government: The Nationalities and Federalism
  1. Government: State and Party
  1. The New Economic Policy, 1921-1927
  1. Social and Cultural Changes after the Revolution
  1. Stalin and Trotsky

LXXXXV. Stalin: The Five-Year Plans and the Purges

  1. Economic Planning
  1. The Collectivization of Agriculture
  1. The Growth of Industry
  1. Social Costs and Social Effects of the Plans
  1. The Purge Trials of the 1930s

LXXXVI. The International Impact of Communism, 1919-1939

  1. Socialism and the First World War
  1. The Founding of the Third International
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