History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 16: Europe's World Supremacy, 1871-1914

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

[Map Imperialism and the Balance of Power]

LXXVIII. Imperialism: Its Nature and Causes

  1. The New Imperialism
  1. Incentives and Motives
  1. Imperialism as Crusade

LXXIX. The Americas

  1. The United States and Mexico
  1. United States Imperialism in the 1890s

LXXX. The Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire

  1. The Ottoman Empire in the 1850s
  1. Attempts at Reform and Revival, 1856-1876
  1. Repression after 1876
  1. The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878: The Congress of Berlin
  1. Egypt and North Africa

LXXXI. The Partition of Africa

  1. The Opening of Africa
  1. Friction and Rivalry between the Powers

LXXXII. Imperialism in Asia: The Dutch, the British, and the Russians

  1. The Dutch East Indies and British India
  1. Conflict of Russian and British Interests

LXXXIII. Imperialism in Asia: China and the West

  1. China before Western Penetration
  1. The Opening of China to the West
  1. Annexations and Concessions

LXXXIV. The Russo-Japanese War and Its Consequences

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