History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 1: The Rise of Europe

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

I. Ancient Times: Greece, Rome, and Christianity

  1. The Greek World
  1. The Roman World
  1. The Coming of Christianity

II. The Early Middle Ages: The Formation of Europe

  1. The Disintegration of the Roman Empire
  1. The Byzantine World, Arabic World, and the West about 700
  1. The Church and the Rise of the Papacy
  1. The Empire of Charlemagne, 800-814
  1. Ninth-Century Invasions; Europe by 1000

III. The High Middle Ages: Secular Civilization

  1. Agriculture and the Feudal System after 1000
  1. The Rise of Towns and Commerce
  1. The Growth of National Monarchies

IV. The High Middle Ages: The Church

  1. The Development of the Medieval Church and Papacy
  1. Intellectual Life: The Universities, Scholasticism
  1. The Crusades; New Invasions; Europe by 1300
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