Traditions and Encounters, 4th Edition (Bentley)

New to this Edition

Quite apart from general updating of information and revision of the maps, almost every chapter of Traditions & Encounters reflects some kind of substantive change or revision, which will promote improved understanding of the world and its development through time.

Chapter 1  Revised discussions of human ancestors and early Homo sapiens
Chapter 2  Expanded discussion of Mesopotamian empires and revised discussion of Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews
Chapter 3  Expanded discussion of gender issues in ancient Egypt
Chapter 4  Revised discussion of social history in ancient India
Chapter 9  Revised discussion of Indian science and mathematics and expanded discussion of early Buddhism and its social role
Chapter 12  Expanded discussion of military threats to the late Roman empire and revised discussion of the early Christian church
Chapter 14  Revised discussions of Islam's relationships with Judaism and Christianity and of early Islamic conquests
Chapter 19  New discussion of relationships between Bantu and forest peoples
Chapter 20  Expanded discussions of Norman roles in European expansion and the fourth crusade
Chapter 26  Expanded discussion of African-American cultural traditions
Chapter 29  Expanded discussions of the political effects of democratic revolutions and Miguel de Hidalgo
Chapter 31  Expanded discussions of the Mexican-American War and of women in Latin America
Chapter 34  Revised discussion of Arab nationalism and new discussions of the Armenian massacre and the influenza pandemic of 1918
Chapter 39  New discussion of women in Latin America and revised discussion of Latin American economic history
Chapter 40  Revised and expanded discussion of HIV/AIDS, revised discussion of population movements, and new discussion of emerging economies

In addition to introducing revisions that reflect the best recent scholarship, we have revised the entire map program and added several new features to support student learning:

  • Revised Map Program  Fully revised and enhanced maps show more detail and include more topographical information. Maps now include newly written captions that draw attention to the geographical dimensions of historical developments.
  • New Running Pronunciation Guide  Newly added to the fourth edition, this guide appears along the bottom of pages and helps readers with unfamiliar names and terms.
  • New Chapter Opening Design  A fresh design highlights the vignettes that introduce each chapter's themes and illustrates the effects of large-scale historical developments on individual experiences.
Traditions and Encounters Book Cover
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