Traditions and Encounters, 4th Edition (Bentley)

Feature Summary

As in the case of earlier editions, this fourth edition of Traditions & Encounters provides a carefully selected range of tools to enhance students’ comprehension and interest.

  • Part Openers Brief part openers explain the rationale behind each major era of human history, and all seven part openers combine to provide a cohesive summary of the seven-era scheme, the larger interpretive framework of the book.
  • Sources from the Past Appearing in every chapter, these primary source excerpts illustrate fundamental ideas raised in the text and provide individual voices from the human past.
  • Chronology Each chapter ends with a chronology box that lists the most important dates and events discussed in the chapter.
  • Summary Clearly written chapter-ending summaries remind students of the highlights in each chapter.
  • For Further Reading Fully updated in the fourth edition, these annotated lists of references that end each chapter provide readers with a starting point for research assignments or their own study.
  • Strong Visual Appeal Images are seamlessly integrated into the narrative to enhance and support the stories of history that unfold through the themes of traditions and encounters.

As we strengthened the substantive content of Traditions & Encounters, we also worked to produce a book more accessible and useful for readers. The entire map program has been revised for clarity, greater detail, and more topographical information. Maps now include detailed captions with questions that encourage critical analysis of the map content.

Traditions and Encounters Book Cover
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