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PC Users – Right-click on the filename from this table and choose "Save Target As..." to download the files to your desktop.
Mac Users – Option-click on the filename from this table and it will begin downloading to your desktop.

The text figure number is found at the end of each file name - i.e. mad03458_01_01.jpg = Figure 1.1 in the textbook.

Your computer may need the following programs installed in order to open the .zip files or play the animations:
Free Adobe Flash Player
Free Apple QuickTime

Scroll down to the bottom of the table to see more tips on using this content...

ChapterFlexArt PPTs
(Fully editable images from the text, optimized for presentation. All art, tables and photos included.)
*Lecture PPTs
(Lecture outlines ready for you to use with art and animations in place where appropriate. Also available without animations embedded.)
APR Enhanced PPTAnimations
(Animation files that can be easily downloaded and played without PowerPoint.)
*Animation PowerPoints
(Animations placed into PowerPoint for easy presentation and custom slide shows.)
Labeled Images
(Illustration files as they appear in the text.)
Base Art Images
(Illustration files without labels and leader lines.)
A&P Game Show
(583,286 KB)
(380,755 KB)
(1,197,352 KB)
All Animations
(81,047 KB)
All Animation PowerPoint
(276,893 KB)
(622,858 KB)
(406,433 KB)
All AP GameShows
(1,580 KB)
Ch01Ch01 FlexArt PPT
(12,730 KB)
Ch01 Lecture PPT
(5,124 KB)
Ch01 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(17,001 KB)
Ch01 Animations
(396 KB)
Ch01 Animation PowerPoint
(1,588 KB)
Ch01 Labeled Images
(32,998 KB)
Ch01 Base Art Images
(24,473 KB)
Ch01 AP GameShow
(60 KB)
Ch02Ch02 FlexArt PPT
(8,436 KB)
Ch02 Lecture PPT
(3,756 KB)
Ch02 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(4,921 KB)
Ch02 Animations
(4,563 KB)
Ch02 Animation PowerPoint
(17,140 KB)
Ch02 Labeled Images
(17,715 KB)
Ch02 Base Art Images
(4,552 KB)
Ch02 AP GameShow
(57 KB)
Ch03Ch03 FlexArt PPT
(19,008 KB)
Ch03 Lecture PPT
(14,703 KB)
Ch03 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(37,221 KB)
Ch03 Animations
(10,787 KB)
Ch03 Animation PowerPoint
(37,058 KB)
Ch03 Labeled Images
(29,894 KB)
Ch03 Base Art Images
(22,044 KB)
Ch03 AP GameShow
(60 KB)
Ch04Ch04 FlexArt PPT
(3,637 KB)
Ch04 Lecture PPT
(1,933 KB)
Ch04 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(6,492 KB)
Ch04 Animations
(10,787 KB)
Ch04 Animation PowerPoint
(5,818 KB)
Ch04 Labeled Images
(11,737 KB)
Ch04 Base Art Images
(4,227 KB)
Not available for this chapter
Ch05Ch05 FlexArt PPT
(14,383 KB)
Ch05 Lecture PPT
(11,961 KB)
Ch05 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(72,492 KB)
Not available for this chapter.Not available for this chapter.Ch05 Labeled Images
(22,985 KB)
Ch05 Base Art Images
(16,620 KB)
Ch05 AP GameShow
(53 KB)
Ch06Ch06 FlexArt PPT
(9,917 KB)
Ch06 Lecture PPT
(5,929 KB)
Ch06 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(46,371 KB)
Not available for this chapter.Not available for this chapter.Ch06 Labeled Images
(15,368 KB)
Ch06 Base Art Images
(13,084 KB)
Ch06 AP GameShow
(52 KB)
Ch07Ch07 FlexArt PPT
(78,410 KB)
Ch07 Lecture PPT
(59,473 KB)
Ch07 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(108,755 KB)
Ch07 Animations
(24,576 KB)
Ch07 Animation PowerPoint
(4,695 KB)
Ch07 Labeled Images
(51,071 KB)
Ch07 Base Art Images
(32,174 KB)
Ch07 AP GameShow
(176 KB)
Ch08Ch08 FlexArt PPT
(34,115 KB)
Ch08 Lecture PPT
(24,811 KB)
Ch08 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(66,624 KB)
Ch08 Animations
(87,347 KB)
Ch08 Animation PowerPoint
(14,784 KB)
Ch08 Labeled Images
(46,064 KB)
Ch08 Base Art Images
(27,982 KB)
Ch08 AP GameShow
(119 KB)
Ch09Ch09 FlexArt PPT
(70,699 KB)
Ch09 Lecture PPT
(53,213 KB)
Ch09 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(118,878 KB)
Ch09 Animations
(5,045 KB)
Ch09 Animation PowerPoint
(21,042 KB)
Ch09 Labeled Images
(53,078 KB)
Ch09 Base Art Images
(42,717 KB)
Ch09 AP GameShow
(174 KB)
Ch10Ch10 FlexArt PPT
(28,931 KB)
Ch10 Lecture PPT
(12,900 KB)
Ch10 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(57,542 KB)
Ch10 Animations
(446 KB)
Ch10 Animation PowerPoint
(3,080 KB)
Ch10 Labeled Images
(39,312 KB)
Ch10 Base Art Images
(32,280 KB)
Ch10 AP GameShow
(106 KB)
Ch11Ch11 FlexArt PPT
(74,061 KB)
Ch11 Lecture PPT
(68,453 KB)
Ch11 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(119,332 KB)
Ch11 Animations
(3,161 KB)
Ch11 Animation PowerPoint
(16,430 KB)
Ch11 Labeled Images
(25,990 KB)
Ch11 Base Art Images
(16,765 KB)
Ch11 AP GameShow
(112 KB)
Ch12Ch12 FlexArt PPT
(30,475 KB)
Ch12 Lecture PPT
(23,693 KB)
Ch12 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(37,947 KB)
Ch12 Animations
(6,140 KB)
Ch12 Animation PowerPoint
(15,203 KB)
Ch12 Labeled Images
(25,995 KB)
Ch12 Base Art Images
(8,354 KB)
Ch12 AP GameShow
(68 KB)
Ch13Ch13 FlexArt PPT
(29,622 KB)
Ch13 Lecture PPT
(18,908 KB)
Ch13 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(73,268 KB)
Ch13 Animations
(4,857 KB)
Ch13 Animation PowerPoint
(14,470 KB)
Ch13 Labeled Images
(46,897 KB)
Ch13 Base Art Images
(35,500 KB)
Ch13 AP GameShow
(112 KB)
Ch14Ch14 FlexArt PPT
(22,395 KB)
Ch14 Lecture PPT
(9,503 KB)
Ch14 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(56,498 KB)
Ch14 Animations
(9,928 KB)
Ch14 Animation PowerPoint
(33,508 KB)
Ch14 Labeled Images
(23,784 KB)
Ch14 Base Art Images
(16,391 KB)
Ch14 AP GameShow
(63 KB)
Ch15Ch15 FlexArt PPT
(36,885 KB)
Ch15 Lecture PPT
(13,944 KB)
Ch15 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(125,083 KB)
Ch15 Animations
(10,037 KB)
Ch15 Animation PowerPoint
(33,918 KB)
Ch15 Labeled Images
(48,757 KB)
Ch15 Base Art Images
(28,961 KB)
Ch15 AP GameShow
(105 KB)
Ch16Ch16 FlexArt PPT
(34,567 KB)
Ch16 Lecture PPT
(17,977 KB)
Ch16 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(82,354 KB)
Ch16 Animations
(3,764 KB)
Ch16 Animation PowerPoint
(12,290 KB)
Ch16 Labeled Images
(29,917 KB)
Ch16 Base Art Images
(20,663 KB)
Not available for this chapter
Ch17Ch17 FlexArt PPT
(23,669 KB)
Ch17 Lecture PPT
(6,246 KB)
Ch17 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(69,925 KB)
Ch17 Animations
(642 KB)
Ch17 Animation PowerPoint
(2,534 KB)
Ch17 Labeled Images
(24,513 KB)
Ch17 Base Art Images
(18,249 KB)
Ch17 AP GameShow
(53 KB)
Ch18Ch18 FlexArt PPT
(2,377 KB)
Ch18 Lecture PPT
(1,375 KB)
Ch18 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(1,997 KB)
Ch18 Animations
(1,479 KB)
Ch18 Animation PowerPoint
(5,978 KB)
Ch18 Labeled Images
(11,788 KB)
Ch18 Base Art Images
(2,204 KB)
Ch18 AP GameShow
(65 KB)
Ch19Ch19 FlexArt PPT
(29,437 KB)
Ch19 Lecture PPT
(22,047 KB)
Ch19 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(103,934 KB)
Ch19 Animations
(4,427 KB)
Ch19 Animation PowerPoint
(17,144 KB)
Ch19 Labeled Images
(29,098 KB)
Ch19 Base Art Images
(18,432 KB)
Ch19 AP GameShow
(71 KB)
Ch20Ch20 FlexArt PPT
(21,708 KB)
Ch20 Lecture PPT
(6,430 KB)
Ch20 APR Enhanced Lecture PPT
(6,387 KB)
Ch20 Animations
(2,400 KB)
Ch20 Animation PowerPoint
(5,873 KB)
Ch20 Labeled Images
(35,914 KB)
Ch20 Base Art Images
(20,235 KB)
Ch20 AP GameShow
(75 KB)
AppendixAppendix FlexArt PPT
(748 KB)
Not available for this chapter.Not available for this chapter.Not available for this chapter.Not available for this chapter.Appendix Labeled Images
(2,578 KB)
Appendix Base Art Images
(504 KB)
Not available for this chapter.

*Animation PowerPoints and Lecture PowerPoints with Animations
Please note that due to the technology used to embed the animations, these files are for PC only. Mac users will need to download the separate animations, or utilize a Windows environment.

To run the animations you must be in Slideshow View. Use the buttons on the animation to play, pause, and turn audio/text on or off. Please note: once you have used any of the animation functions (such as Play or Pause), you must first click in the white background before you advance the next slide.

To convert color images to grayscale in PowerPoint:
Right-click on the image and choose "Format Picture." Then within the Picture tab, change the "Color" dropdown to Grayscale.

Use this tool if you'd like to calculate your file download time.

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