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CPS by eInstruction
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The Classroom Performance System (CPS by eInstruction) brings interactivity into the classroom/lecture hall. It’s a wireless response system that gives the instructor and students immediate feedback from the entire class. The wireless response pads are essentially remotes that are easy to use and engage students.

In your class you can:

  1. Motivate student preparation, interactivity and active learning - get immediate feedback and know what they understand.
  2. Administer quizzes and tests – gives immediate grading!
  3. Create a lecture with intermittent questions; multiple choice, T/F and subjective.
  4. Use the CPS grade book to manage your lectures and student comprehension.
  5. Establishes accountability by giving you an automated way to take attendance.
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How to Download the Question Database

  1. Click below to download the Question Database file for this book. When prompted, select save file to disk, and save it to your desktop. (You must have Winzip installed on your machine. Select the download evaluation version to download the program, then follow the installation instructions provided by the WinZip website)
  2. Once the .zip file has been downloaded to your desktop, right click on the file and select "Extract to..." Browse to the folder where you would like to save the Question Database file, (for example: C:\CPS_Databases), and press extract.

    CPS PC File (2580.0K)

    CPS Mac Shier File (78.0K)

    Power Point
    Power Point File (1479.0K)

How to Import the Question Database into CPS

CPS Import Instructions (59.0K)

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