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You can download a portable version of vocabulary review files onto your TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator. To get started, you will need a TI-Connectivity Cable (to connect calculator to computer) and free TI-Connect software.


  1. First download free TI-Connect Software to your computer.
  2. Next, save the vocab chapter files to your computer. You must do this first before trying to transfer them to your calculator.
  3. Now connect your calculator to the computer using the connectivity cable. Then launch the TI-Connect Software and open the Device Explorer, which should automatically detect your calculator.
  4. Finally, just 'drag and drop' the vocab files to the device explorer window!

Now you are ready to review chapter vocabulary on the go!


Chapter 1 - Algebra: Number Patterns and Functions
Chapter 2 - Statistics and Graphs
Chapter 3 - Operations with Decimals
Chapter 4 - Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 5 - Operations with Fractions
Chapter 6 - Ratio, Proportion, and Functions
Chapter 7 - Percent and Probability
Chapter 8 - Systems of Measurement
Chapter 9 - Geometry: Angles and Polygons
Chapter 10 - Measurement: Perimeter, Area, and Volume
Chapter 11 - Integers and Transformations
Chapter 12 - Algebra: Properties and Equations


Capitulo 1 - Álgebra: Patrones numéricos y funciones
Capitulo 2 - Estadísticas y gráficas
Capitulo 3 - Operaciones con decimales
Capitulo 4 - Fracciones y decimales
Capitulo 5 - Operaciones con fracciones
Capitulo 6 - Razones, proporciones y funciones
Capitulo 7 - Porcentajes y probabilidad
Capitulo 8 - Sistemas de medición
Capitulo 9 - Geometría: Ángulos y polígonos
Capitulo 10 - Medición: Perímetro, área y volumen
Capitulo 11 - Enteros y transformaciones
Capitulo 12 - Álgebra: Propiedades y ecuaciones

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