iCheck™ Series Microsoft® Office 2007 Real World Applications

Technology Handbook

Computers are everywhere—in businesses, schools, and homes, in ATMs, drive-up windows, and cars. Learning about how computers work prepares you with valuable 21st century skills for personal and business use. The information in this Technology Handbook will help you better understand how to make computers work for you.

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Table of Contents

Module 1—Computers in Your Life (776.0K)
Module 2—Hardware (705.0K)
Module 3—Software (915.0K)
Module 4A—Getting Started in Windows XP (1692.0K)
Module 4B—Getting Started in Windows Vista (1626.0K)
Module 5—Online Connections and Communications (805.0K)
Module 6—Online Ethics, Safety, and Privacy (561.0K)
Module 7—Research on the Internet (899.0K)

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