iCheck™ Series Microsoft® Office 2007 Real World Applications

Microsoft Outlook 2007: Time and Resource Management

Click the Microsoft Outlook Lessons PDF for additional projects and activities. Use the Data Files to complete the projects.

Extend your knowledge of Outlook with the MCAS-based lessons provided here.

Microsoft Outlook (19.3MB)

Microsoft Outlook Data Files

All of the student data files for the Microsoft Outlook lessons can be accessed from this site. Always ask a teacher or parent for permission before you download, install, or save a file or program to your home or school computer!

The downloads in this section are in .zip format. Make sure to unzip the files to use them. Don't have WinZip? Download now.

Lesson 1 (107.0K)

Lesson 2 (60.0K)

Lesson 3 (59.0K)

Lesson 4 (8.0K)

Microsoft Outlook Rubrics

Click each link to view the rubrics for the Challenge Yourself Projects. These rubrics will help you complete each project.

Lesson 1 (56.0K)

Lesson 2 (52.0K)

Lesson 3 (55.0K)

Lesson 4 (52.0K)

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