iCheck™ Series Microsoft® Office 2007 Real World Applications

Real World Connection Activities Answer Keys

Unit 1  

Answer Key

1. Answers will vary, but might include needing to retype to make changes and not being able to save electronic files.

2. The AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects common spelling errors as you key.

3. Answers will vary but may include endnotes and footnotes, page numbers, headers and footers, Print Layout View, and divided pane.

4. To find specific information in a lengthy document.

Unit 2  

Answer Key

1. A spreadsheet is a large sheet of paper used by accountants to track business transactions.


3. They help businesses make important decisions because charts make it easy to view data at a glance.

4. Companies use budgets to determine how they can decrease expenses in order to increase profit.

Unit 3

Answer Key

1. A database is a huge collection of data that is organized so that information can be located and retrieved quickly.

2. An Access query

3. An Access report presents specific data in a readable format.

4. Answers will vary. Students should describe a report that presents inventory data.

Unit 4

Answer Key

1. Answers will vary but might include that transparencies are easily damaged or lost, they are bulky, or they are difficult to edit and update.

2. The presenter can circulate around the audience.

3. Teachers use PowerPoint to present material to students. Students create presentations to share their ideas with the class.

4. Answers will vary. Students should identify two uses for PowerPoint that are not identified in the article.

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