New York Science Grade 8

BrainPop Movies

Current Electricity
Follow Tim and Moby as they trace electricity's path from the power plant to your home in this BrainPOP movie.

Trek through the desert with Tim and Moby to learn about the interactions between living and non-living things in this BrainPOP movie.

Take a night swim with Tim and Moby in this BrainPOP movie as they discover how the Moon controls tides on Earth and how tides provide us with energy!

Solar System
Learn all about the planets in our solar system in this animated BrainPOP movie!

Join Tim and Moby hunt for fossils and discover how they form in this animated BrainPOP movie.

Static Electricity
What causes static electricity? Find out as Tim and Moby explore electric charges in this animated BrainPOP movie.

Tim and Moby explain why grass is green and how color works in this BrainPOP movie.

How do your eyes see and why do some people need glasses? Find out when Tim and Moby talk vision in this animated BrainPOP.

Waves are all around us! Discover what they are and how they behave in this BrainPOP movie.

This BrainPOP movie explains how organisms pass traits from one generation to the next.

Opposites attract. Learn about North poles, South poles, and the force of magnetism in this animated BrainPOP movie.

Six Kingdoms
Which of the six kingdoms are you a part of? Find out about all the kingdoms that scientists use to classify living things in this BrainPOP movie.

Water Cycle
See how all of the water on Earth is recycled again and again in this animated BrainPOP movie.

Scientific Methods
Learn how to think and solve problems like a scientist when Tim and Moby explore scientific methods in this BrainPOP movie.

Atomic Model
See how the atomic model has developed over time in this BrainPOP animated movie.

Tim and Moby explain how two atoms of the same element can have different numbers of neutrons in this animated BrainPOP movie about isotopes.

Kinetic Energy
Watch this BrainPOP animated movie explain how the energy of motion changes depending upon an object's speed and mass.

This animated movie from BrainPOP defines acceleration and how it relates to speed and motion.

This BrainPOP movie explains how pulleys change the direction of force and make it easier to lift a load.

Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's three laws of motion are demonstrated in this animated movie from BrainPOP.

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