Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 24: The Solar System

Other Objects in the Solar System

What is the difference between meteors and comets?
A)Comets are made of frozen ice and rock and meteors are made of rock.
B)Most comets are found outside the solar system, and meteors are found within.
C)Meteors can burn up as they enter a planet's atmosphere and comets rarely enter a planet's atmosphere.
D)all of the above
What is a meteorite?
A)a meteoroid that strikes Earth
B)a comet that strikes Earth
C)a dust ball that strikes Earth
D)an asteroid that strikes Earth
A(n) _____ is composed of dust and rock particles mixed with frozen water, methane, and ammonia.
In what direction do comet tails point?
A)away from the Sun
B)toward the Sun
C)toward Earth
D)away from the Oort Cloud
A meteorite formed Barringer Crater. Why don't meteorites strike Earth more often?
A)Most meteors burn up in Earth's atmosphere before they can reach the surface.
B)Earth's gravitational pull usually is not strong enough to capture meteoroids.
C)Meteoroids usually get pulled into Earth's orbit instead of falling to the ground.
D)Meteoroids in the solar system mostly fall to the surfaces of the outer planets.
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