Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 21: Our Impact on Water and Air

Section 1 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

Point-source pollution enters water __________.
A)from many different sites
B)from a specific location
C)slowly through seeping soil along pipelines
D)from unknown sources
Water from the atmosphere is considered a(n) __________.
A)point source
B)direct source
C)indirect source
D)nonpoint source
What is the largest source of water pollution in the United States?
A)car exhaust
B)burning fields
C)smoke from factories
What is the difference between pesticides and fertilizers?
A)Pesticides benefit by nourishing the plant, but fertilizers harm them with chemicals.
B)Both benefit plants by nourishing and protecting them.
C)There is no difference.
D)Fertilizers benefit by nourishing the plant, but pesticides harm them with chemicals.
How can algae affect a lake?
A)When algae die and decompose, they can use up all the oxygen in the lake.
B)They can cause fish to die.
C)They can overtake a lake due to high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.
D)all of the above
How do sewage-treatment plants treat sewage?
A)They kill harmful bacteria.
B)all of the above
C)They remove solid material.
D)They lower nitrogen and phosphorous levels.
After metals are released into water bodies, they __________.
A)evaporate within a year
B)are washed out naturally
C)remain in the environment for a long time
D)disappear immediately
What has caused more than 130 metric tons of mercury to end up in the Amazon River?
A)It has been eroded off the banks of the river.
B)Factories have dumped it into the river.
C)miners looking for gold
D)decomposing animals on the floor of the river
What precautions have been taken to protect the environment from gasoline as as a polluting agent?
A)New and old underground tanks must have special equipment that detects leaks.
B)Tanks today must be made of only one layer of steel.
C)The gasoline has been watered down.
D)Tanks have been taken out of the ground and stored on land.
What act did the United States Congress pass in 1972 to provide funds for sewage treatment?
A)Safe Drinking Act
B)Clean Act
C)The Montreal Protocol
D)Water Pollution Control Act
What was the main cause of the joint U.S.-Canadian effort to reduce water pollution?
B)the pollution of Lake Erie
C)political pressure
D)the thinning of the ozone layer
What can a citizen do to help reduce water pollution?
A)pour hazardous chemicals down the drain
B)find out where hazardous chemicals should be disposed of
C)pour hazardous chemicals on the ground
D)throw the containers in the trash
What does it mean to conserve water?
A)to use more
B)to use less
C)to use the same amount
D)to not use any
All of the following are sources of air pollution except __________.
A)car pooling
B)generating electricity from fossil fuels
C)riding your bike
D)plowing fields
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