Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 19: Oceanography

Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

A pollutant is any substance that __________.
A)comes from humans
B)damages organisms and interferes with life processes
C)is synthetic
D)comes from nature but is harmful to the environment
Which is not a source of ocean pollution?
B)oil spill
What is a fish kill?
A)when fish die from lack of oxygen
B)when algae grows uncontrolled
C)when algae dies
D)when fish kill algae for food
What is an example of how solid waste can be harmful to the ocean?
A)Solid waste can dissolve in water.
B)Solid waste can fill in trenches.
C)Animals can get tied up in debris.
D)Plants can be poisoned by the waste.
Even if you don't live near an ocean, why is ocean pollution a concern?
A)Oceans are important tourist areas.
B)Ocean pollution can poison rivers.
C)Every animal's life is tied to the ocean.
D)Pollution in the ocean hasn't reached all parts of the ocean yet.
Why are laws protecting the ocean difficult to enforce?
A)The laws are unreasonable.
B)No country has control of all the oceans.
C)No one has made these laws.
D)The United States controls all of the oceans.
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