Glencoe Earth Science

Unit 1: Earth Materials

Rock name and sample

Project Type: Model
Research a rock sample for use in a classroom mock debate using a variety of the rock's characteristics. Characteristics can include: use in construction, weathering, leisure and entertainment value, beauty and art, currency, energy production and use, tools and weapons manufacturing, and food and drink.

Task: Debate
Your teacher will provide a rock sample for you to use. For each debate you will be divided into two groups; Advantage (pro) and Disadvantage (con).

  • Each group will be allowed five minutes to discuss the pro categories or con categories of the rock
  • Each group will be allowed three minutes to argue the opposing opinion of the rock
  • Five minutes at the end of the presentation are for questions form the class

1 week to research, 2-3 days to prepare for the debate and enough class time to present all the types of rocks

The following web sites will help you research information on many types of rock.

Rocks for kids:

Rock Identification Key

Type in the name of the rock

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdome

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