Glencoe Earth Science

Chapter 4: Rocks

Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

What are rocks that have changed due to temperature and pressure called?
A)igneous rocks
B)metamorphic rocks
C)sedimentary rocks
D)lava rocks
How is shale transformed into slate?
A)Shale cools on Earth's surface.
B)Shale undergoes intense pressure and temperature changes within Earth.
C)Shale collects at the bottom of lakes.
D)Shale cools within Earth's surface.
A metamorphic rock with a foliated texture _________
A)has mineral grains that have lined up in parallel lines
B)has mineral grains that have lined up perpendicular to each other.
C)has mineral grains that form no distinct pattern
D)has mineral grains that have lined up in diagonal lines
Nonfoliated rocks__________.
A)are metamorphic but do not exhibit layering
B)are metamorphic and exhibit layering
C)are not classified as metamorphic
D)are formed only in the northern hemisphere
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