Glencoe Earth Science

Unit 1: Earth Materials

Alfred Nobel

Project Type: History
Working with a partner or small group, have students research the life of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist with personal interests in poetry and drama. Have students write and present a poem or skit depicting Nobel's life as "Europe's richest vagabond". They should include information about his family, education, business endeavors, and finally describe the work that led to offering Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace.

Alternate Procedure:
Have the students create a collage depicting Alfred Nobel's life and a second one depicting the Nobel Prizes and their winner's.

Use the following sites to help students find and research Alfred Nobel. Observe students closely while they are using the Internet.

The Nobel Prize

Chemical Achievers

Nobel Channel

Type in Nobel, Alfred


Click here for a rubric to help you score this project. (65.0K)

Click here for a rubric to help you score this project. (65.0K)

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