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Chapter 17: New Challenges

Student Web Activity

"Preparing for Disaster"

In this chapter, you learned about how, on September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the United States, killing thousands of people. In order to make the United States more prepared for such emergencies, President George W. Bush created a new cabinet office: the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security provides information to citizens to help them prepare for human-made and natural disasters.

Destination Title: The Department of Homeland Security: Ready Kids

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After clicking on the link above, read to learn how you and your family can prepare for human-made and natural disasters. Use what you learn to answer the questions below.

What type of emergencies should people prepare for?
About how much food should be stored in case of an emergency?
What types of information should you discuss with your family to create an emergency plan?
What types of information should people have with them at all times in case they cannot be with their families during an emergency?
Use the information on the Web site to create an emergency plan for your family. Your plan should include a supply kit and procedures that family members should follow in an emergency. You may want to use the documents from the Web site so that you can list contact names and phone numbers and give this information to other family members. Be sure to review the emergency plan regularly with your family.
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