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Chapter 10: The Jazz Age

Student Web Activity

"The Jazz Age"

In this chapter you learned about the Jazz Age. Through the age of "The Roaring Twenties" there were extreme aspects of policy like the Red Scare, the policy of isolationism, and prohibition. These contrasted with the new ‘liberated' woman, the flapper, the first movie with sound, and the Harlem Renaissance. It was in this movement where the music of Jazz was born and captured the age of the era.

Destination Title: PBS – JAZZ A Film by Ken Burns

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Starting on this web page, read the article and answer the following questions.

What are some of the factors that led to this time period being known as "The Roaring Twenties"?
How did those who did not live in larger cities listen to jazz?
What were some of the reasons millions feared jazz's influence on small-town America?

Find the "Places, Spaces, and Changing Faces" link and click on the "Chicago" link to open the article. Use the article to answer the following questions.

Though jazz was "born" in New Orleans, it "matured" in Chicago. What famous musician had a profound influence on the growth of jazz in Chicago?
What groups of young people were among the fans of jazz in Chicago?
Why do you think the youth of America in the 1920s were fans of jazz?
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