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Chapter 8: Rise to World Power

Student Web Activity

"The Rough Riders"

In this chapter you learned about America's rise to a world power. By expanding influence to places like the pacific, the U.S. was able to open new doors. However, U.S. attempts at extending influence to Latin America resulted in the Spanish-American War. Regiments like the Rough Riders, led by Theodore Roosevelt, helped to secure peace in Latin America.

Destination Title: The Rough Riders and Theodore Roosevelt

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Read the article on the home page and answer the following questions.

What type of people did the regiment consist of? Why were those groups brought together?
What happened to the regiment after the capture of San Juan Hill?
How long were the Rough Riders together? What percentage of those who went to Cuba ended up casualties?

Scroll up and find the "Rough Rider Uniform" link and click on it to open the article. Use the article to answer the following questions.

There were facings on the cuff and the collar of the uniform that were different colors. What did the different colors represent?
What were the men told to do with their uniforms after twelve weeks of heavy use?
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