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Chapter 7: The Progressive Era

Student Web Activity

"The Progressive Era"

In this chapter you learned about the Progressive Era, during which many members of American society fought for reform. The Progressive Era was important to the lives of women and the nature of politics. Three presidents helped to shape the politics of the era and influence things such as monopolies, conservation, and involvement in world affairs.

Destination Title: Progressive Era

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Read the article on the home page and answer the following questions.

There were many desired changes on a national level in the Progressive Era. What were some of the desired changes that occurred at a state and local level?
Which four constitutional Amendments were passed during the Progressive Era?

Find the "Click here for time line" link and click on it to open the time line. Use the time line to answer the following questions.

Which policy between the United States and Japan limited emigration of Japanese laborers to the United States?
Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most popular progressive presidents. How did he get to the presidency?
How much land was set aside to start the conservation movement, which was part of Roosevelt’s political platform?
How did certain reforms of the Progressive Era help to improve American society?
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