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Chapter 5: The Industrial Age

Student Web Activity

"Industrial Workers"

In this chapter you learned about the Industrial Revolution and its impact on American society. All the new companies and products that were created during the Revolution relied on workers putting in long hours for very little pay. Industrial workers, tired of being exploited, started to create unions to fight for what they wanted.

Destination Title: American Federation of Labor

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Read the information about the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and then answer the following questions.

What people did the AFL restrict when it was first founded?
How many people were members of the AFL in 1904?
Why did the AFL change and become the AFL-CIO?

Click the Samuel Gompers link to read more information about the founder of the AFL. Answer the following questions.

How did Gompers get his start in labor unions?
What roles did Gompers play in the political arena?
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