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Chapter 1: Toward Civil War

Student Web Activity

"The Underground Railroad"

In this chapter you have learned about conflicts and tensions that led America into Civil War. Despite the penalties stated in the Fugitive Slave Act, the abolitionists of the North refused to cooperate with the law and established the Underground Railroad. This network of free African Americans and whites provided safe houses and allowed runaway enslaved people to make their way to freedom.

Destination Title: The Underground Railroad

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Start by clicking the link that says "Enter" on the first page.
In the drop down box, located in the upper right hand corner, find the "Time Line" link and answer the following questions.

According to the Web site, how many years did the practice of slavery take place in America?
What year did the United States ban the slave trade?

Next, use the drop down box, located in the upper right hand corner, to find the "The Journey" link and answer the following questions as you move throughout the activity.

You decide you want to try to escape slavery by using the Underground Railroad. Who is the first person to help you and what is unique about her?
You follow her through Mississippi Creek and head for Camden, Delaware. What is the signal that someone is willing to hide you from slave hunters for the night?
You finally make it all the way to Lake Erie, and the border between the United States and Canada. How many miles have you traveled to gain your freedom?
Agents of the Underground Railroad encourage you to cross Lake Erie into Canada, but you choose to stay. What danger do you face if you stay in the United States?
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