Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 5: Relationships: The Teen Years

Student Web Activities - Lesson 1 - Coping with Cliques

Coping with Cliques


You have seen how cliques work. They are special groups whose members act superior and exclude others. Or maybe you have tried joining one of these groups and did not want to go along with the rules. Cliques tend to cause a lot of unhappiness for members and non-members like. On the Web site below, you will learn more about cliques and how to cope with them.

Link to explore : 4 Therapy


  • Start at the 4 Therapy Web site.
  • Read through the page on cliques.
  • Take notes as you read. When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, create a membership card for those teens who choose not to belong to cliques. For example, the card could read "The Association of Anti-Clique Teens." Include a mission statement and a place for the teen to sign his or her name.

What is a clique?
What are the positive aspects of belonging to a clique?
How can belonging to a clique negatively influence teens?
How can teens become empowered to cope with potential negative peer pressure and confidence-eroding cliques?
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