Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 3: Mental and Emotional Health

Student Web Activities - Lesson 1 - Body Image and Self-Esteem

Body Image and Self-Esteem


Developing a positive self-image and respect for your body are keys to staying healthy. It is not always easy to feel good about yourself unless you make a conscious choice to work on your self-esteem. On the Web site below you will learn about the link between body image and self-esteem, and why many teens do not feel good about themselves. You will also learn how to re-program negative thoughts and take steps to feel positive about yourself and your life.

Link to Explore : Discovery Health Teen Center :


  • Start at the Discovery Health Teen Center Web site.
  • Read through each of the four pages about body image and self-esteem.
  • Take notes as you read. When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, create a questionnaire that tests self-esteem and body image.

What is self-esteem according to the article?
What are some factors that can affect your self-esteem?
According to the article, how can you change the way you feel about yourself — and the way other people perceive you?
If you do want to make a change about the way you look, what should you remember?
Give one example of countering negative inner voice comments with positive or neutral ones.
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