Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 21: Environmental Health

Student Web Activities - Lesson 2 - Wising Up About Waste

Wising Up about Waste


Learning about what you can do to cut down on solid waste both in your personal life and in your community is smart. Waste affects everyone's physical, economic, and environmental health, so it makes sense to do what you can to help. On the Web site below, you will learn how teens all across the country are working to help reduce, recyle, reuse, and rebuy. You will also learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

Link to explore : EPA – Educational Resources:



  • Start at the EPA's Educational Resources Web site.
  • Read the introduction, then click on and read the "Basic Facts About Waste – Consumer Tips,""Your Life, Your World, Your Choices – The new wave in electronics-ecycling," and "Projects and Activities – Volunteer for Change" inks.
  • Take notes as you read.
  • When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, plan your own campaign to help educate teens in your community about how to reduce waste and recycle.

What are the four Rs?
What are four ways that teens can apply the four Rs?
What is the EPA's "Your Life, Your World, Your Choices" campaign?
What are four ways to e-cycle used electronics?
What are six things to think about before choosing a volunteer program?
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